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    Arcadia's Future

    The residents of Arcadia District need an elected community leader, who is efficient, responsive, dynamic, and creative. They need someone who consider their best interests as her own to priority.

    Eileen Wang cares about Arcadia, demonstrating sympathy and empathy with its residents. She is the best city council candidate, bar none.

    Eileen Wang will keep a close eye on budget. As a woman of action and creativity, she will watch over taxpayers’ money without wasting a penny.

    Eileen Wang analyzes municipal issues and puts forward positive and constructive suggestions to support the Arcadia city government and opposes anything evil and ugly.

    Candidate's Background

    Eileen Wang’s Mission:

    The best interests of the residents of Arcadia District are my best interests.

    I promise that I will serve and speak out for the best interests of the residents.

    Eileen Wang’s Campaign Core Values:

    Upholds Current General Plan of Arcadia

    Protecting City Values

    Respecting District Residents ‘Needs’

    Build Youth Volunteer Council Team for Arcadia

    • Eileen Wang is the First Asian-American Woman City Council candidate in Arcadia’s 118-year history.

    • Eileen Wang promised will helps homeowners, families and new immigrants.

    • Eileen Wang promised will help save taxes dollars.

    Eileen Wang encourage the residents of Arcadia District, we need an elected community leader, who is efficient, responsive, dynamic, and creative. We need someone who consider their best interests as Eileen’ s priority mission.

    Eileen Wang cares about everyone of Distrct of city of Arcadia, she promised she will demonstrating sympathy and empathy with its all  residents of District.

    Eileen Wang will keep a close eye on budget. As a woman of action and creativity, she will watch over taxpayers’ money without wasting a penny.

    Eileen Wang analyzes municipal issues and puts forward positive and constructive suggestions to support the Arcadia city.

    She understands how communities and governments operate and where to pull the levers of power. She has no political burden and serves the residents only because their interests and rights are her ultimate responsibility.

    Important Highlights:


    • Eileen Wang disagreed HOA.

    • Eileen Wang disagreed Tiny Shelter project.

    • Eileen Wang Disagreed AT & T Electronic Communication Tower project.

    • Eileen Wang Disagreed Proposition  16.

    • Eileen Wang Disagreed SB 47.

    Respect property rights

    Eileen Wang believes that homeowner’s property belongs to homeowners. The property rights of the homeowner should be recognized and respected. We must stop tenants from improperly benefiting from house owners. Your house is not a city government’s cash machine.

    Provide better education to students

    Eileen Wang believes that education is the foundation of success. She supports the provision of advanced courses for students to get into better universities. She supports the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training (JROTC) in high school.

    Eileen Wang believes that clear attribution of responsibilities and performance evaluation are the keys to careful budget planning. We only spend money where it is necessary and efficient. We must get the most basic and most important things done right first.

    Eileen Wang has been serving the city and community for long time and understands residents needs.

    She understands what residents what they care about and has been working hard for the education of community.

    Eileen Wang

    • Member of the National College Application and Advisory Committee

    • Managing professional educational service that helps young people to enter the top educational institutions

    • Managing a successful media company

    • Outstanding social activist and leader of the Southern California community

    Eileen Wang got endorsement by:

    State of California

    California State Assembly Philip Chen,

    State Senator Bob Archuleta

    Local Elected Officials:

    • San Gabriel Mayor Tony Ding
    • Walnut Vice Mayor Allen Wu
    • Monterey Park Council Member Yvonne Yiu California
    • San Marino Council Member Steven Huang
    • Former South Pasadena Mayor Paul Zee
    • Jimmy Lin Diamond Bar City Council


    US Department of Labor National Committee on Job Corps, Executive Board Member; U.S. Department of Labor Western United States Office Former Chief; U.S. Department of Education Former Deputy Assistant Secretary; California State Board of Education Former Board Member; University of Southern California Professor Marina Tse

    School Board Members:

    Walnut Valley Unified School District Board President Tony Torng

    Alhambra Commissioner Mark Lee

    Community Leaders:

    The Global Unified Chinese Organizations from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Honorable Chairman David Du (余建強)

    Overseas Community Affairs Council (Taiwan) Senior Council Member Roy Kao (高啟正)

    Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Los Angeles Honorable Chairman Derek Ma (馬樹榮)

    Former Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Los Angeles President      Michael Cheung (張自豪)

    Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles Chairman Chester Chong (莊佩源)

    Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Los Angeles Chairman Andrew Kwong (鄺松齡)

    Business Elite Owners

    CEDARS-SINAL Governing Board, Associate Director of Facilities Planning Design and Construction Chairman Raymond K Cheng,

    Central Escrow  Chairman David Kwok

    California & US Nation Lawyer & Attorney

    •  Attorney David Fang, Esq.(方孝偉)
    •   Attorney Steve Qi, Esq. (戚博雄)
    •   Attorney Bing Li,  Esq. (李斌)
    •  Attorney Hong Li, Esq (李紅)

    Eileen Wang will run for the 2022 Arcadia City Council, and she promises to do her best to enable all families in Arcadia afford their homes and live in a safe and secure community.

    Each of us is actively coping with the upheaval brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is one of many challenges facing families in Arcadia. This coming November election will also affect our future.

    Eileen Wang is keenly aware that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a huge impact on the U.S. economy and public health management. In the next 50 years, our society will undergo enormous changes in political, economic and all other aspects.

    We must overcome Arcadia’s decade-long negligence in homes, school and quality of life for our families! We must overhaul our city’s budget that has been out of control for a long time. The City government has not no right to use our homeowner and  taxpayers as ATM!

    Every municipal project needs to be properly audited for transparency, openness, and timely response. Taxpayers should only be responsible for the effective and necessary expenses.

    Eileen Wang’s campaign is committed to beautifying the city of Arcadia, stop and  minimize crime, improving the efficiency of government agencies, and be responsible to the people in the community.

    Eileen Wang has a profound understanding of the need of business owners, working parents, resolutely speaks for their interests. She hopes that children in District can go to school nearby more conveniently, small businesses can expand their business more easily. She promises to hire more police officers and get safer to stop crime and marijuana houses.

    Eileen Wang realizes the issue of homelessness in Arcadia must be dealt with by understanding its root causes. She suggests that strengthening existing regulations to penalize and enforce the public sale of illicit drugs. She supports mandatory treatment for mentally ill and abused homeless people.

    Eileen Wang’s philosophy comes from the training and study of public policy management and plenty of dedication to community service.


    Fighting Crime for a Safe Home

    Eileen Wang is president of Crime Stoppers and the Neighbor Watch Arcadia program. She is also president of the Firearms Association and Club of America, which is an organization for victim rights. It consists of more than 100 residents who has vowed to fight and prevent crime in the community.

    We must also provide better services for the mentally ill and homeless so that the police do not become frontline social workers. We must understand the bigger problems behind crime rates – economic shifts and inequality. We need to support job creation efforts to make crime an unattractive option. We need to take a compassionate approach while working to address dangerous and repeat criminals.


    Homeless and mentally ill issues


    We should analyze the issue of homelessness with compassion and responsibility. It is unsafe, un-hygienic and unacceptable for homeless people to set up makeshift tents at the side of the road. We should say no to irresponsible actions, but we can still help. We should review the homeless assistance contracts that have been signed between the city and all nonprofits. We should also reexamine and simplify repetitive procedures to reduce flow. A large proportion of the homeless in Arcadia are unfortunately mentally ill, and we must deal with these hidden uncertainties. A humane society must make taking care of the mentally ill a top priority. When a person suffers from mental illness without receiving diagnosis and treatment, it won’t help at all even if she or he has a job and a house. even having a house and a job will not help if they are not diagnosed and treated. We should further strengthen the trusteeship law. The implementing agency can, in some extreme cases, force patients to undergo treatment until they become normal. This is a human-centered, empathetic, and necessary step.


    Financial Accountability

    Our city councilors should first be committed to providing services to the people. Only when the potholes on the road are filled can public transport leave and arrive on time. The city government has to save money for emergency needs. We must track how taxpayers’ money are spent, monitor the progress of projects, and only pay for services that are valid. Your home or your house shouldn’t be a municipal cash machine.


    Plan of Education

    Our current mixed school system forces kids to commute longer, puts more vehicles on the road, and makes kids see more inequality among themselves. Compared with a school system that enrolls students in nearby neighborhoods, our current one is less diverse.

    Parents should not feel obligated to send their children to private schools to reduce commute time and receive higher quality education. We should redesign the education system to allow for nearby enrollment so that more families could walk their children to school. This reform will bring our community closer together, improve traffic congestion, and allow families to enjoy more time together. We should treat parents in general as clients and provide services for what they need and want, including allowing more public schools to provide education in subjects such as languages, arts, and sciences. We should also consider a placement system for children at different paces.

    New Housing Planning

    As a property owner of Arcadia for many years, Eileen Wang firmly believes that independent detached houses are one of the unique features that represent Arcadia. Although she is aware that building more homes will effectively help middle-income residents become homeowners, she must also respect the voices of existing residents in the community and gain consensus among the wide public.

    We should respect and listen to the voice of the residents of Distrct and all residents in Arcadia. We must be able to build more houses around the rail transit hub while maintaining the characteristics of the surrounding community. We must carry out housing development planning based on the existing water supply and drainage system and traffic planning.


    The new house owners will work with us to revitalize the business development of the district, and we will work together to secure the future of the city for our next generation .


    Public transit

    Improving public transportation services and public infrastructure is a critical step in serving Arcadia’s rapidly growing population. We will provide City Transit with adequate operating funds, yet the operating representative organizations should be also responsible for operating costs and reliability.


    Economic Growth

    The most effective way to create a coherent social purpose is to increase job opportunities through encouraging innovation and promoting a spirit of entrepreneurship. A strong economy can also provide funding for parks, roads, police, fire prevention, and other niche public programs. Small businesses are the backbone of our city and community. We must amend many of the city’s onerous and vague regulations to make it easier for our small businesses to open, survive, and thrive.